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Beautiful Disaster...

Beauty is not just skin's something that is ignited from your inner self. Have you ever had those moments when the world around you raves about your beauty and it seems that everyone sees something that you don't? Well, now is the time that you do some soul searching to rid yourself of anything that is preventing you from seeing the Beautiful You and fall in love with the beauty that you truly are from the inside out!

At times we allow the world to dictate how we see ourselves and love ourselves...TIMEOUT for that! Here are 4 key items that I encourage my male and female clients to do in my coaching sessions (of course makeup applies to my ladies):

  • Know your biggest flaws and learn to embrace and compliment them.

  • Know your greatest assets and nuture them.

  • Write out affirmation statements and attach them to your mirror and verbalize them at least twice daily.

  • Step out of your normal dress code, put some color on your face and a popping lipgloss

There are several more keys that I give but these should give you a good kick start! You must address the very things within that hold you back or things you're not comfortable with in order to step into your true beauty and greatness. If you are living in chaos within, it will definitely show up outwardly, whether with your words, your behavior, your appearance and your confidence. Don't rob yourself of being the best you because your inner self is not healthy.

I challenge each of you to take the necessary steps to recreate Beauty From The Inside Out and Fall In Love with yourself again!

~Coach Sabrena C


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