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Paralyzed by Fear of Judgement...

FEAR: a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

JUDGEMENT: the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion, objectively,

authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action; good sense

PARALYZED: to bring to a condition of helpless stoppage, inactivity, or inability to act


Fear is far from a foreign emotion to everyone. So many lives are affected daily, knowing and or not realizing. Unfortunately, you can't avoid fear but you can recognize it to avoid being paralyzed by it, leading to a life of emptiness and void. Fear can be a deal breaker in so many instances but NOT so big that it can not be conquered. Think about David and Goliath...I'm almost positive that David was shaking in his boots scared but had he allowed fear to take over and paralyze him, he never would have taken Goliath down. He conquered fear and allowed fear to force him to move.

Fear has several affects and here are 2 of them. It can take over to the point that you do nothing or it can force you to do something. Which side of fear are you on?

In my own life, I've titter tottered with some paralysis of fear...more so, FEAR OF "cover up"! I've found that a great deal of people fear how others see them or judge them by what they don't have or how they don't fit into a certain standard. Crazy enough...I had a twisted version of fear concerning this. I feared being judged by people for having the best of things...foreign cars, nice homes, big homes, nice clothes and shoes...STUFF. Something people would say is the "American Dream". Stuff that did not and does not define me. I would find myself parking away or in the back to avoid inquires about what vehicle I drove that day. Also, I would shy away from inviting people to my homes for fear of what would be thought. I would dress down around certain people and always avoid details of my life. Kinda crazy, huh?We recently had a guest visit and before I knew it, I asked them not to judge me. Upon their arrival they questioned why I asked them not to judge and I proceeded to share. They quickly let me know that they instantly recognized the purpose in their visit...God was showing them through me what they deserve and not to settle.

Fear of Judgement was a "COVERUP" for kept me from fluidly moving in my purpose. What's your coverup? (next blog alert)

Most people would relish in all that greatness of what they perceive but at one point I couldn't get pass the envying, the side eyes or the names, "boujee", "better than", "rich girl", "arrogant", "stuck up", "prissy", "etc.". Little did they know, I WASN'T any of those things. I was just a humble girl from the hood that had big dreams and still dreaming. I wanted more out of life and I knew I was destined for greatness...although I'm still on my journey to greatness. People tend see the foreign cars, they never know the reason behind them. Yes, the homes get bigger but they don't understand the investment. The clothes, shoes, bags, dining, etc. are phenomenal but when hard work, elbow grease, blood sweat and tears are put into what you's okay to treat yourself for your efforts from time to time. Material things mean NOTHING, when you can't encourage or invest your knowledge and wisdom into others...they are simply tokens to give others hope. We were always taught not to settle...push through.

Then there was an EPIPHANY: I am ALL of that.... I AM who HE says I AM!

"Boujee"...if striving towards excellence makes me "boujee", then I AM!

"Better than"...if not settling for less and going after everything that's mine makes me "better than", then I AM!

"Rich girl"...if working our assets off to gain access to assets makes me "rich girl", then I AM!

"Arrogant"...if being confident and choosing to win makes me "arrogant", then I AM!

"Stuck up"...if choosing to stand alone or be selective of who's in my circle makes me "stuck up", then I AM!

"Prissy"...if carrying myself with class makes me "prissy", then I AM!

"Etc."...if my choice is to live in greatness makes me everything in between "etc.", then I AM everything that God has called me to be!

I AM chosen!

No one ever pays attention to the charity that you give daily or the hard work that you relentlessly put in. People don't see the failures, the struggle, the heartache, the pain, the loneliness. They don't see how people attempt to manipulate you, use you and get over on you. They don't see the tears, the brokenness, the fear. They fail to recognize when you're broke down, tired and confused. People overlook that you have feelings, that you're human and you need to be showered with love. They cancel out the fact that you have bad days, sad days and dried up accounts...busted and disgusted days. Rarely have/do I received gifts because of the lame excuse, "What do you do for a person who has everything?" I hate to break the news...I don't have everything! They never think how far the smallest gestures of kindness can go. People are so quick to judge "stuff" when "stuff" means nothing!

What did I do? I did a David on the Goliath of Fear and no one can stop me now! The process is/was wasn't for me. This journey is to free someone else. Don't allow yourself to be paralyzed by fear of any kind. Learn to face your fears and embrace them.

Time to paralyze fear and not allow it to paralyze you...

- You are more than a conquerer.

- You were not given a spirit of fear.

- Face the giant.

- Stand firm to your end goal.

- Know who you are and Who's you are.

- See yourself where you want to be and you're half way there.

- Don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

- Embrace the PROCESS.

- Be persistent.

- Learn to recognize fear.

- STOP hiding behind fear.

- Push through.

- Be everything you are called to be.

- Big FACE fear.

- NEVER FEAR fear.


Your Life & Transformation Coach,

Sabrena Cross

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