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Spring Glamour...

Beauty has several tips and tricks but at this point I’m sure you’ve read them or heard them all. There are some hacks that work and some that are out right ridiculous. Ideas as outrages as using kitchen utensils to contour face or bobby pins to create the perfect eyeliner. Let’s go back to the drawing board and recreate our beauty routine!

  • Less is more… when in doubt, less is best!

  • For a pinched cheek look use a crème color blush or a gloss to the cheek bone to give a more radiant, raw appearance to the skin.

  • For quick natural groomed brows on the go, swipe a brow set gel (clear or colored) gently brush through the brow.

  • Use a face primer to help minimize pores, redness and prevent makeup from fading throughout your day.

  • Use a fluffy brush to apply concealer for a more even natural blown out look.

  • Add an liquid or cream illuminator to skin for a dewy look.

  • Use colored liner on eyes for a pop of color when in a hurry.

  • Add pale muted pinks and corals to the lip for a natural on the go look.

  • For oily eyelids, dust powder on the eyelids twice before applying shadow.

  • For a more natural lash look, use a tiny mascara application.

  • Instead of brushing mascara, wiggle the wand.

  • Wing your cat eye liner upward, not outward.

  • Trace under the upper lash line with a brown liner for more definition.

  • Brush your brows up for a natural fuller appearance.

Hope these tips are helpful to help you recreate your Spring Glamour!

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