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True Confession: Unmask The Ego

I’ve been debating on posting these pictures for the craziest reason. Okay, so last week I was ask if I could meet with a beauty for a discussion over dinner...I excepted. Wanting to be comfortable and casual...I pulled out a really cute casual outfit but changed my mind on the entire outfit because of my shoe of choice for the evening. Normally I always throw on heels but after a days work and swollen ankles I wanted to simply be comfortable, plus I was anxious to rock my sneaks. So my 2nd outfit of choice was very cute but I wasn’t feeling the color selection of jeans... now I’m running short on time so I grab a different jean, a jacket laying across my vanity chair and race out the door.

Now I’ve arrived to the restaurant, cute and comfortable. The beauty whom I was meeting with greeted me at the door with a warm hug and said “You’re cute! You in sneakers? That’s a first.” "Oh my", I thought...but I can’t change now. So we proceed to the table she said she had we approached the area, I noticed a familiar face, as we continued to walk I noticed several familiar faces. I'm curious to know what's going on. To my surprise it was a SET UP! LOL!

Over the course of the past few of weeks I've been perplexed with things, which assures me that I'm human. Sometimes we neglect ourselves and find ourselves in mental strain. IT'S SO OKAY TO ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE HUMAN and I give myself permission to be human and exercise my human right. LOL. So let's fast forward to the SET UP, several individuals were contacted last minute by my assistant and they all agreed to be apart of this last minute gathering to surprise me with lots of love. Some took off work, changed their schedules, put their lives on hold to celebrate me. Wow! Overwhelmed with joy is an understatement of what I felt in that moment realizing why the chosen individuals where in attendance... I did my best to keep my lashes in tact... barely. Can you believe there was a bet going that I wouldn’t cry because I’m always the one to hold it together for everyone else? Well, I had a moment or two after all the beautiful words of gratitude, gifts and... then this happened...

I received a certificate of recognition from The City of Houston and Mayor Sylvester Turner!!!

Although I was beyond grateful for all the love, in my mind I was disappointed that I had not dressed differently or worn heels or worn a less ripped pair of jeans or the blazer from my 2nd outfit or this or that. OMG...I wish I had known...I would have been dressed up, more polished, dressed for the occasion. Then I was thrusted into this...


As a Life Strategist, Life Coach, Pro Makeup Artist and Image Consultant I put so much effort, work, passion, professionalism, heart, love and the list goes on into helping others become their best self and live their best life but we don't necessarily receive the appreciation we deserve and many times find ourselves overlooked. So to have your efforts celebrated is a big deal so of course I desire to be fit for the occasion. Beyond appreciative but I still couldn't get my mind off my outfit. Ugh. My circle is very small and I was quickly reminded by 2 extremely important humans in my life whom I shared my thoughts with that the woman represented in the picture is who everyone falls in love with. It’s not the clothes, not the glamour, not the fancy venues, not the diamonds and pearls but the light. The down to earth, graceful, heart of gold, selfless, relatable, accessible and so many other things about me as the woman I AM. Also reminded that this signifies HUMBLE BEGINNINGS...UNMASKING THE EGO. Something that most people stray away from but it keeps me grounded. Although I’m always told that I can pull off wearing a garbage bag, I knew in that moment I couldn’t allow an outfit to ruin a very present occasion of celebration. Little did I know that the original plans were to a GRAND event!


Most people NEVER want to remove the mask off their ego but I’m grateful that I can truly practice what I preach. I've never been, never desire to be or never will be the girl that craved attention or the spotlight. My LIGHT, LOVE, ENERGY and HIS grace alone makes me stand out when I'm trying to hide in plain sight. "So what is you doing baby?"... What would have been a grand event turned into a private, last minute celebration with my immediate family, support system and a portion of my mentorship group...THAT WAS GRAND ENOUGH! So many important elements would have been lost or gone unnoticed had it been over the top. I'm the Life Coach/Mentor that's not afraid to kick my heels aside, wipe the makeup off, roll up my sleeves and get in the grit of things. Clothes don't make me...they never have so I'm not sure why ego tried to kick in that night but I had to shut it down. Image is important but not important enough to make me unaccessible. I WAS PERFECT that night...the evening was bigger than a pair of ripped jeans and sneakers! I found myself sitting in a restaurant a couple of day later with no makeup, hair in a ponytail, my glasses, edges not as slicked down and secure as some would like (pretty much my daily look) but a lady stopped in mid stride to tell me how beautiful I was. That alone was a reassurance what I always knew...CLOTHES DON'T MAKE ME OR THE OCCASION!


When ego tries to creep in, SHUT IT DOWN! Yank that mask off! It's not about the fancy suits and clothes, how many stellar events you attend, ...For me it's about transforming lives, meeting people where they are and exposing the potential they didn't believe they possessed. Helping individuals identify true self love and fall in love with self. I teach them how to live their best life now. Sharing tools of success and celebrating with each of them along their journey. I inspire and fuel people's dream. Always a realist... I'm very blessed that the matchless God in me keeps me humble, yet confident. Forever grateful to have a few amazing humans in my life that push me. Thankful for every client, mentee, customer because they each make me want to go harder. To watch and receive the number of success stories that have my name stamped to it is overwhelmingly amazing in itself! I'm forever appreciative for humble beginnings which keeps me away from egoic thinking. WINNING... I WIN therefore my whole team is WINNING!

Hope this resonated with you and has knocked the mask off your ego!

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