MY Services.

Makeup is one of the most important parts of the beauty and fashion industry with options ranging from the most impeccable natural beauty to the highest of high fashion. Be bold and beautiful. Creative Art On The Canvas Of You...  TIPS ARE APPRECIATED!


  • If you are feeling sick, have any symptoms of covid or been in the presence of someone with covid, your appointment MUST be rescheduled at least 15 days out.

  • A mask MUST be worn upon entrance; only to be removed if having makeup services done.

  • Temperature will be taken before entrance for service or taken before start of any service. You will be turned away even with a mild temperature.

  • No one can enter unless being serviced.

  • You must sign in at the gate and upon entrance for service.


SCC desires to provide an EXPERIENCE of excellence for each and every client; therefore, it is important that you are on time for your scheduled service. Please be mindful of your chosen time slot and be respectful of the Artist's schedule as well as the next client's time. Late fees will be accessed and appointments are subject to being rescheduled.
15 minutes late: $25 fee added
30 minutes late:
$35 fee added
(your appointment is subject to be rescheduled if a client is immediately following)