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9 Ways to overcome feeling stuck

Often times we find ourselves in overwhelm, no matter if it's from a high or low. Some moments can be so magical, yet too much to take in and deal with. While other moments can de totally disastrous and paralyzing.

What can you do?

You must recognize and acknowledge your reality. If it's too much, say it. If you need time, take it. Social media, society, family, friends can pressure you to do what you're not ready to do or something you have no desire to do.

The noise in your head, shut it out. Silence the chaos. You are powerful and have the power to take control of your story, your narrative and the trajectory of your life.

Here are just 9 key points I incorporate in my own life for overcoming of feeling stuck. Although I could share a ton more, these are practical for anyone, every day.

Let's get unstuck:

  • Sit in your reality, except the moment as if you had chosen it, be forgiving and then release it.

  • Never compare yourself to anyone (you are uniquely beautiful). Except your flaws and change the ones you can change.

  • Get out of your own head (stop negative self-talk). Have you ever thought? "I’m not this/that. I'm not good enough. I need more." STOP it!

  • Stop seeking validation! Screw what others think of you. You have the power to do/be and no one can give that to you or take it away. Create your own lane of what makes you joyous.

  • Get up! Get dressed! Do something that you've never done. Explore new things. Research new ideas. Eat better food. Clean.

  • Love yourself wholeheartedly and choose you every moment, every day, every time! Fall out of the rat race and focus on you and your well being.

  • It's time to free yourself from limited beliefs. Do the necessary work. Stop allowing others you make you believe you are average.

  • Read more. Social media less. Feed your soul healthier. Always express gratitude. Journal often.

  • Know that you are worthy and OWN IT!

It's time to step into your power and play big. Getting overwhelmed or feeling stuck is so easy to feel but tough to undo. Taking time to follow these steps and taking mental breaks makes a world of difference. So many people are trying to pour from an empty cup and don't even notice until it's too late.

Don't wait. Start now. Make minor changes now and progress to big changes to gain even bigger results.

Thanks for reading!!

Sabrena Cross


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