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Soul Detoxification and Mental Purge :

(99% of disease stems from mental origin)

Detoxification: the metabolic process by which toxins are changed into less toxic or more readily excitable substances

Purge: to rid whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify

Soul and Mental Detoxification and Purging is necessary for growth and healing. It has been proven that an unhealthy mental is an open door way to physical destruction. Your mind and your heart "The Core", makes up who you are. Your external body is simply a shell that covers the inner man "The Core". If your Core is unhealthy, an unhealthy life is produced. Here are a few simple steps that will change your life and create a life of mental wellness, a healthy Core and a road to success!

  • ​​Enhancing your spiritual relationship with daily devotions and affirmations. Schedule quiet time for confessing affirmations, reading, praying, studying, or meditating to jump start you.

  • ​​Meditation: take out at least 15-20 minutes in of your day to meditate.

  • Improving self by investing in self. Read books. Connect with a coach or mentor. Seek counsel.

  • ​Journal: capture your thoughts, feelings, emotions on paper to get the clutter and chaos out of your head. Exercise, stretching or Yoga: simple physical activities help release toxins​​

  • Removing the toxins of unforgiveness, bitterness, negative thoughts, envy and malice. Pull up bitter roots. Bitter roots lead to rotten fruit. You will not be as productive as you could be until you get to the root of what's eating at you.

  • Divorce Toxic People and Things: it’s okay to divorce people who are toxic, including FAMILY…although it may hurt, you will get over it.


  • Replacing what you are removing. Feed the inner you! Fill up on TRUTH. Truth is the cleansing agent of change.​​

  • ​​Turn off the "YES" button: NO is not a bad word. USE IT!

  • Choosing what you allow to flow through your heart, come out of your mouth and reside in your mind. Three of the toxic things about people are their hearts, their minds and their mouths.

  • ​​Talk Less: listen more…to your inner man.

  • Eliminating toxic influences- people, places, media, and or music.

  • ​​​Disconnect: from Social Media and Technology at least once a week or as often as possible disconnect.

  • Choose YOU​...Me Time is necessary, so make sure you schedule daily/ weekly time for yourself.

  • Practice Moment to Moment Awareness: be present, live and not merely exist.

  • Breath: take time in your day to listen to yourself breath, find your breathing rhythm, release toxins.

  • Enjoy Nature: find peace in the beauty of nature, recognize the environment that surrounds you.​

  • Set some limits!

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