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Makeup Monday: Motives Motivated...

Create the BEAUTIFUL YOU that you want to be! As a Professional Makeup Artist, UnFranchise Business owner/Partner of Motives Cosmetics, I find that most people have no clue how to properly choose, use and wear makeup. I'm asked often what foundation, concealer and powder would I recommend:


🔸Custom Blend Foundation: a water based natural botanical custom made foundation to fit the need of each individual customer. It's blended to perfection to match your skin and desired textured desired.

🔸Custom Blend Concealer: a water based natural botanical custom blended concealer made to cover and perfect the appearance of of imperfections on the skin. Helps create a flawless look.

🔸Custom Blend Powder: a natural mineral based product custom blended to create a texture and color specifically for your skin tone.

🔸Shimmer Powder: a stunning shimmer powder that can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow or even on the body. It adds an amazing glow to wherever you place it.

🔸Fiber Lush Mascara: defines, adds length, volume and fullness to lashes. Create fabulous lashes with this mascara.

🔸Lip Lock: helps add moisture to your lips while holding lipstick, lip gloss or lip stains in place. Enjoy your lip wear with limited touch ups.

Choosing the proper products can elevate your makeup game to limitless beauty. Get CUSTOMIZED with Sabrena!

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