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Pursuit of Passion

(Makeup by Sabrena, Photo by D. Diggs)

Never forgetting the day I walked into the MAC counter in Dillard's 5 years ago and bought my first MAC foundation. I didn't know much about MAC since I wore Fashion Fair for so long but I was talked into trying the product. Makeup has always been apart of my life and not only did I love the MAC product, I loved to apply on anybody that would allow me to. I realized I was horrible, lol. As the years went by I continued to practice my skills. I watched YouTube channels with hopes of one day being as good as I was in my mind. I would purchase random makeup items to practice.

One day I walked into MAC in Dillard's and laid eyes on my angel Sabrena...awe my love! With excitement, I immediately asked her to teach me everything she knows about makeup! With ease, she agreed! Over several months she taught me how to apply my make up and I attended classes she gave. With every tip and trick and Sabrena's dedication to help me succeed, I fell in love with makeup! I started spending hours in the mirror making my self up just like she coached me. I felt like a kid in a make up store! I would have dreams about being a great Makeup Artist. Sabrena encouraged me to attend in store MAC events, so I did just that. At one particular event I had the opportunity to meet with a trainer and I fell in love with makeup all over again! I was so excited, I purchased countless new products with the desire to pursue a new career in makeup! With so much positive energy, I decided to apply at different MAC counters to be a Freelance Artist. After several interviews and trying so hard to be accepted and be noticed, I got discouraged and I stop applying because no one gave me a chance. Sabrena would encourage me to never give up. I didn't know what was in store for me so I took a break.

I started working on my skills again and got hired as a Makeup Artist in a hair salon. The owner was sweet as pie and gave me an opportunity and I'll always love her for that. The business was slow at times but I persevered. While working in the salon I was asked to do my first photoshoot! I eagerly excepted but when reality kicked in, I wasn't sure if I had the confidence to take on the challenge of such a large scale. My confidence was boosted when I knew the right people believed in me, the salon owner CoCo and my mentor Sabrena. Wait...Who showed up on set bright and early before I even made it? Sabrena! Anxiety was in overload but she was so gentle and sweet with me and showed me skills like no one ever did before. She was so calm, soft spoken and professional showing me what I needed to correct or do different the next time. Corrective criticism given by her was a highlight! The photo shoot was a SUCCESS and she made me feel like a SUPERSTAR!

Although, I'm no longer in the salon I am a working Makeup Artist and a traveling Makeup Artist. My dream is to become the best I can be and to build my business. I want to have my own makeup bar one day. I've been doing photo shoots, wedding, prom, graduation makeup, etc. My only hope one day is to be my own brand, it's more than makeup to me, it's about me making my girls look and feel beautiful by enhancing their beauty.

Sabrena knew I had a passion for makeup and she invested in me! Now I'm her assistant! I didn't know I would ever make it this far and my skills would advance like they have. I'm so proud of the Makeup Artist I have became. I'm more in love with my craft today than ever! If it wasn't for my Sabrena taking time out of her busy life to teach me I don't know where I would be. I still have a lot to Learn but I have accomplished so much!! The inspiration that Sabrena gives me is more than enough! I can't wait to expand my business and with God first I know the possibilities are endless. It's a ministry and I'm in love with it! NEVER give up on your dreams!

Signing off,

RyKia Spurlock


#Makeupislife 💋💋💋

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