"Discover how to live the truest, highest expression of yourself through the development of your core, to the display of your canvas. We are more than a service, we offer an EXPERIENCE!"

~Sabrena Cross









about me.

As a savvy, Certified Life Strategist and Mentor, Sabrena is a multifaceted, well-rounded entrepreneur, with a readiness to assist you in living your best life. Sabrena's 25 plus years of experience, education, and wealth of knowledge were in part gained from her study of Psychology, multiple certifications and her tenure at MAC Cosmetics, where she served as a Makeup Artist and manager. She also owned and managed her personal beauty salon.  Sabrena is prominent in the beauty and fashion industry, along with her other business ventures.  Not limited to such, she also applies her expertise to relationship cultivation and life advancement. 


In an ever evolving beauty and fashion industry, Sabrena serves as a Professional Makeup Artist with a strong passion for enhancing beauty, creating fashion, and applying the artistry of cosmetics. Possessing a desire to make a total-person impact, Sabrena also serves as an Imagine Consultant and stylist who executes a unisex approach of encouragement and coaching.  As a companion to her empowering abilities, Sabrena is a Certified Life Strategist, Self Discovery Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker with a strong belief that life begins with self love and authenticity. Transformation is encouraged by Sabrena in comparison to a caterpillar morphing into a colorful butterfly. 


On the platform of stage productions, photography studios, television series and social affairs, you will find the finished work of Sabrena's makeup and fashion creations. Over the life of her career, Sabrena has had the opportunity to build a clientele base that includes, but is not limited to, brides, wedding parties, aspiring male and female models, stage production cast members, musicians, actresses / actors, reality show stars, film, fashion shows and celebrities. Sabrena has also been gifted the opportunity to coach assist through her Coaching practice a range to individuals discover their purpose and live their dreams through strategic vision building and self awareness.

Having an extremely compassionate, selfless, and crafty mother, as well as a talented father who was an entrepreneurial craftsman, carpenter and cowboy, there was no way Sabrena was going to escape her destiny.


Continuing in what she loves, Sabrena is the CEO of Sabrena Cross Consulting, Founder and owner of Butterfly Kiss by Sabrena Cosmetics, Founder of Butterfly Effect Foundation, Founder of Goal Digger Academy and Founder of The Spotlight Project.

Coaching & Mentoring Experience

Awaken the best in yourself through personal strategies created solely for you and your life's journey. Discover your life's purpose and find fulfillment in the life you were gifted. Develop life changing habits to maintain healthy longevity relationships, successful goal setting, manifest your vision, dreams and goals.  


The Beauty Experience

From the modern woman to edgy and chic or from the classic everyday woman to bridal elegance, every woman deserves to look her best. Makeup is one of the best elements of expression for natural beauty or a bit of edge and drama. A colorful canvas is simply an expression of a vibrant soul. Be bold and beautiful from day to night or exquisite and flawless on your wedding day. Say "I Do" to a classic timeless look.

Image Consulting Experience

Confidence is formed and built on how you view yourself from your inner core to your outer canvas. Allow SCC to help you recreate and reinvent who you are through the art of beauty from the inside out. Find an outward style that matches your inner vibrance or heartwarming calm.




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