Fatherhood Does Not Start at Birth but Before Conception: From the Womb to the World...

Did you know that children experience brokenness and chaos in the womb? Their womb circumstance plays a vital role in their natural development. Babies recognize touch, voices, sound, love, positive and negative energy before they are even born. A struggling fetus can be healed in the womb by love vibrations from the father, not just the mother. Men, does your fetus know your love, your voice, your touch, your energy? Are you fighting to do right?

First let's start with "Thank You" to every father, father figure, step father, adoptive father, mentor, coach, every man that refuse to be a deadbeat, etc. with NO EXCUSES that stepped up, went above and beyond the call of sperm donor duty and actually truly care about the lives of children. Thank you to those that love them, raise them, nurture them, teach them, protect and show respect to the women carrying and raising them. It takes more than just planting a seed or being daddy title to fulfill the real man duty of a father.


It’s discombobulating trying to understand how so many men are absent from conception. How can a man be so disconnected from an experience so precious? Some babies never know what their father’s touch feels like nor have the pleasure of hearing their father’s voice before exiting the womb. What’s even sadder is many still don't have a father present after exiting the womb.

Unfortunately, many men in our society were never taught how to be men by a man, so they have no idea how to be a father. True but that's an EXCUSE. Many men raised in single parent households made the choice and vow early in life to be the best man to a woman and the best father to their unborn and born babies. Many men use their ego as an excuse to detach from their feelings and abandon their children in the womb. Stop telling boys it’s not okay to cry because you are enabling them to disconnect from their emotions at an early age. Disconnect leads to the streets raising boys to be wreckless. The prisons raising them the be heartless. Some women are unknowingly raising them to be cowards while struggling to do their best as a mother. Men, step up and teach these boys how to be men and give your daughters an example of what they should seek in a man. No woman wants to raise a man while raising his son or daughter but unfortunately you can't make a man love a woman, a fetus or themselves.

Don't be the daddy who wants credit for buying a toy or pair of shoes every now and then. Be the one that is mentally, emotionally and physically present from conception because you desire to be...every step of the way. Not the one more interested in having drinks, hanging out and chasing women but the one who wants to experience the entire process. Not a weekend dad or the dude that show off on Facebook but one who’s comforting during awkward pregnancy symptoms to changing diapers and doing homework.

Many men use EXCUSES as their crutch because of fear. Any man with a heart will seek necessary guidance, counseling, spiritual awakening or dig deep within themselves to do what's necessary. A delinquent individual has a choice to remain delinquent or be better.